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Flashback Friday - Lucia Northrup

Lucia Northrup (1898-1973) was the library director from 1964 to 1969. During her tenure, the size of the book collection, circulation statistics and number of registered borrowers grew. She reported in July 1966 that daily book loans set a record of 340 in one day on the 14th. She had previously been the librarian in Endicott, NY and Manasquan. She was active in the Literature Department of the Ocean Grove Woman's Club in the 1940's, a member of Hamilton Methodist Church and chair of the scholarship committee for the Monmouth County Library Friends of the Library in the 1972.

On April 1, 1968, the library staff and trustees had a surprise party for Mrs. Northrup's 70th birthday.

Front row: Mrs. Finn, Mrs. Coon, Mrs. DeAngelis, Mrs. Wallace, Mr. Kaplan Back row: Mr. Steel, Charles Lang, Peggy Goodrich, Mrs. Chadwick

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